Established in 1999, ITP Solutions quickly earned its place in the Canadian telecommunications industry by providing premium services at competitive rates. As we continue to build on our reputation as one of Canada's leading providers of voice, data and internet telephony solutions, we always come back to our three cornerstones:

  • Strength of our partnerships
  • Passion for customer care
  • Quality service

ITP Solutions aligns itself with the nation's major carriers and leading-edge technology partners allowing it to develop into a reliable partner for small, medium and large-sized businesses, who want to communicate in a simple, efficient and cost-effective way.

With over 50 years of telecommunications industry experience, the ITP Solutions management team has a vested interest in the success of your business. Our goal is to simplify voice, internet telephony and data technology for small to large-sized businesses. We are committed to exceeding the level of support and service that is not usually provided by large telephone companies.

ITP Solutions will help grow your business by connecting you to the right communications solutions - the technology that helps increase business competitiveness and grow revenue. In doing so, we want to become your long-term partner for your communication needs. Let us connect your business to the world.