Business Lines

Our Local Business line solutions are the cornerstone of any business's communication solutions. It is easy to switch and to keep your current telephone number. Features of our business lines include:

  • Line hunting or call waiting
  • Caller name and number display
  • Call forward
  • 3- way calling and call transfer
  • White and Yellow pages listing
  • Access to emergency and assistance numbers and dial-star features

Additional Features

  • Standard and Extended voicemail

Order a voicemail to never lose touch with customers. Even if you are busy talking on the line or unable to pick up the phone, your voicemail will answer with your pre-recorded greeting and the caller will be able to leave you a message.

  • Permanent Call Forward

When moving to a new location, keep your old number working for you and your customers. Our Permanent Call Forward service will automatically redirect the incoming call to your new location. We can play a customized recorded message before redirecting a call.

  • Message Intercept

This feature allows the caller to hear a message after dialing the number. It can be used for seasonal businesses or for business that discontinued its operation and would like to inform the caller about the closure without forwarding the call.