Toll-Free & Long Distance

ITP Solutions provides competitive long distance and toll-free rates for North American and International destinations. Toll-free numbers are essential for con-necting with your customers, partners, and suppliers. Take advantage of having a specific toll-free number assigned to each marketing initiative or product line to track and manage your marketing efforts. Features Include:

  • Business line, fax line, or cell phone termination
  • Flat rate or pay per minutes
  • North American, Canada only, or US only coverage for incoming toll free calls
  • Keep your existing toll-free number

Additional Features

    Billing reports by origination and by destination

Receive comprehensive expense reports right on your monthly invoice. Track your marketing activities by area code, province, or country using our call traffic summaries.

  • Verified and non-verified codes

Provide you with useful project management and expense allocation tool. Receive call reports organized by employee or project code on your monthly bill.

  • International Toll-free

Your business could have international presence with this service that allows toll-free dialing from anywhere in the world. You choose where the call will terminate, your office, the answering service, or even your cell phone.

  • Toll-free call routing

Ability to automatically route incoming calls to specific destinations according to call origination, time of day or day of the week.

  • Contact centre call management

Automated random distribution of incoming calls to multiple contact centers for one toll-free number. Calls can also be distributed based on percentage of volume assigned to each destination.